Solid Wood Caskets


The Ashton Solid Oak Burial Casket


This hand made casket with hand carved corner posts and moldings is one of our finest solid wood caskets. This cakset comes fully lined in satin, 1 pair of Oscar full length bar handles and 2 matching T-ends. (hinged lid)

£ 1860.00

Highgate Casket.png

The Highgate Solid Oak Burial Casket


Hand made from solid oak, with raised lid and extended base moldings. this casket is an example of true craftsmanship. The highgate as standard is fitted with 4 pairs of oscar bar handles and matching wreath holders (brass is available). (hinged lid) 

This casket also comes with a full satin lining (inc. lid) and pillow. 

£ 1897.00