Copy of G.D.P.R.

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Copyright H. Noble 2018

Section 12 – Data Protection

Data Protection Act 2018/ General Data Protection Regulation (replacing the Data Protection Act 1998)

H. Noble Funeral Directors will hold personal data for the use of funeral related purposes only.

We will only pass on your details to third parties that will assist with this purpose.

Where requested by a court in the United Kingdom we will pass on personal data to them.

Your personal data and data relating to the deceased will be kept secure both electronically and physically.

Data required to be destroyed will be so in line with the timelines set out in the Data Protection Regulation or other relevant Act of law.

Data relating to historical referencing of funeral files will not be redacted or destroyed automatically unless requested otherwise.

Your details will not be passed on with the intention of marketing purposes. We will not use your details for our marketing purposes.

Communications by but not limited to email telephone and in writing are for the purpose of arranging and carrying out the funeral and funeral related activity.