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Direct Funeral

£ 1,160.00
£ 1,242.00 Coroners Cases 

What is included: 

Collection of the deceased (During Office Hours) 

Professional Charges

Care of the Deceased (including dressing)

Viewings (During Office Hours)
Date chosen by us (with consideration) 

Time: 8:30 or 9:00 am (Subject to Availability)
Cremation Fee (Thanet Council)
Coffin (Goodwin)


Visits to our chapels of rest are permitted for direct funerals if requested for no extra cost. (Unless out of hours, with prior arrangement) 

Cremated Remains: 

Cremated remains are brought back in to our care from the crematorium and can be collected from us at your convenience. 

There is also the option for the cremated remains to be scattered a no extra cost at Thanet Crematorium, Margate (within one year of the cremation taking place, after which fees may apply)

Please note:

Thanet Crematorium does not permit anyone in to the chapel but there is the option for immediate family to stand outside the crematorium as we carry the coffin in to the chapel. 

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