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Bespoke Cremation

Example Quote

Items Included in the estimated quote:

  1. Removal of the deceased to our premises during normal office hours (excluding London and out of Thanet removals)

  2. Provision of removal vehicle 

  3. Provision of Staff for removal 

  4. Supplying a hearse form our premises to the Thanet Crematorium, Margate or Ramsgate Cemetery 

  5. Provision of necessary staff for the funeral 

  6. Use of our mortuary facilities and over all care of the deceased Including Chapel Visits

  7. Professional Services including arranging and conducting the funeral within the Thanet Area 

  8. Standard Coffin £247.00 

  9. Embalming or "Hygienic Treatment"(if requested) £ 90.00

  10. Pacemaker or Implant Removal (if required) £ no extra charge

  11. Thanet Crematorium Crematorium Fee (Adult 10:00hr - 16:00hr) £ 911.00

  12. Celebrant/ Minister fee £ 220.00 


+ Any doctors fees need to be added if applicable.

Doctors Fees are £82.00 per form (Part 4&5) this is a statutory fee. This fee does not apply if the coroner is involved. 

Funeral service times for a bespoke funeral are Monday- Friday between 10:00 and 16:00

For a detailed quote, please email or call for a free estimate with no a commitment guarantee .

Prices correct at time of publishing, prices subject to change due to third party involvement. for further information please call or email 01843 862 503 funerals@hnoble.co.uk