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About Us

Founded in 1854 by Henry Noble, formerly of his Grandfathers funeral and furniture makers in Canterbury aged just 24.


H. Noble Funeral Directors has been providing funerals to the people of Thanet and surrounding areas ever since.


Our history and family values give us the skills and knowledge tried and tested over the generations to provide funerals with dignity and respect to ensure your loved ones send off is worthy of their memory. 

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Our Qualifications

Trust through integrity

NAFD Member

National Association of Funeral Directors 
All funerals arrangers are qualified through the NAFD

SAIF Memeber

Society for Allied and Independent Funeral Directors 

IFSO Inspected

Independent Funeral Standards Organisation 

FCA/ CMA Regulated

Financial Conduct Authority/ 
Competition and Marketing Authority

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Our Services

Expertise and experience 


Direct Non Attended Cremations
Simple Funerals
Bespoke Funerals

Cremated Remains Dispersal

Scattering, burying and cremated remains memorials at local churches and Margate Crematorium and Ramsgate Cemetery

St. Peters Church Burial Records

We hold the records for interments in St. Peters Churchyard and Garden of Remembrance 

Repatriation and Transport

From transportation inside the United Kingdom or to and from abroad we have experience and facilities to move your loved one to where they need to be. 

Child and Baby Funerals

We do not charge for under 18s for our standard services and coffins* and most fees are covered under the 'Child Funeral Fund' which we will mange on your behalf. 

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